TOEFL IBT: List of Independent Speaking Prompts

Sample Questions:

I. Free- choice

1. Talk about a specific time when you did something obsessively. For example, did you “go to extremes” playing video games, worrying about an exam, or practicing a sport or music? What did you do? What were the good and bad results? Explain.

2. Tell a story about yourself. What animal, plant, or other nonhuman thing would you be? Describe your abilities and traits. You may choose to speak about a person you know well, instead of your self.

Sample Essays For TOEFL

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Word Formation in English

This area of study is traditionally referred to as word-formation and the present book is mainly concerned with word-formation in one particular language, English. As a textbook for an undergraduate readership it presupposes very little or no prior knowledge of linguistics and introduces and explains linguistic terminology and theoretical apparatus as we go along.

The purpose of the book is to enable the students to engage in (and enjoy!) their own analyses of English (or other languages’) complex words. After having worked with the book, the reader should be familiar with the necessary and most recent methodological tools to obtain relevant data (introspection, electronic text collections, various types of dictionaries, basic psycholinguistic experiments, internet resources), should be able to systematically analyze their data and to relate their findings to theoretical problems and debates. The book is not written in the 2 perspective of a particular theoretical framework and draws on insights from various research traditions.

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